How To Be Full Figured And Stay Stylish

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I am a plus-sized woman and I find it difficult to be able to find clothes that are fashionable and stylish. It’s not as if all these conventional brands and retailers cater to the needs of plus-sized women. Therefore, most often than not, I end up having to shop at these discount stores that offer such limited choice and worse, the clothes look like they are for my grandmother and not for 30-something woman like me.

There is a colleague of mine who is almost the same size that I am. I am always surprised and amused by the fabulous clothes that she turns up to work in. Not only do they fit her well, they are also extremely fashionable, chic and tasteful. In fact, it’s exactly the kind of clothes that I have been wanting for the longest time. So, I finally mustered the courage to ask her where she did all her wonderful shopping and I was totally surprised when I got the answer. She revealed that she buys all her full figured clothes online.

I am no expert but I was told that are a whole lot of online retailers that specifically cater to full figured women. These retailers have the most stylish and elegant clothes, almost incomparable to the clothes that I was previously buying at those discount stores.  These online stores have clothes for all occasions- causal, formal, evening wear – you name it, they have it. It gets better; some of these online stores even have a range of lingerie, shoes, bags and other exciting accessories. My colleague was nice enough to quickly make a list of the websites that she buys her clothes from and I found myself checking them out as soon as I was back home.

I was completely shocked, in a good way, when I saw the extensive collection of full figured clothes that these online stores had.  Just as I expected, these clothes were far better than any of the full figured clothes that I had ever seen or owned. These outfits were specifically designed to flatter the full figured woman yet, drawing attention away from the ‘problem areas’. Not only did the clothes look like something someone my age would wear, it was also extremely affordable. Finally I had the all the choice I wanted while buying my clothes – trousers, skirts, dresses and suits.

The only thing that I need now is my next month’s pay check. 


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