The Harley Davidson Look

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So, you have just got yourself a brand new Harley-Davidson, a bike that is symbolic of being free-spirited, toughness, passion and ruggedness. It is the bike that you always wanted to own and now you have one. The next thing that you need to aim to achieve is to look the part. It is vital that you manage to look as good as the bike that you newly own.

Most things that you own are an outcome of that specific item matching your personality- much like the bike. Similarly, before you hop onto your brand new Harley-Davidson, you will need to get the clothes that match the bike’s personality. Whoever said owing one of these mean machines was a easy job?

However, we have made the task of finding Harley-Davidson clothing pretty simple. Below are listed some of the ‘must have’ Harley-Davidson clothing

The classic leather jacket – Needless to say, the classic leather-jacket is a signature Harley-Davidson look. Apart from making you look the part, the jacket helps you keep the dust, wind and sand away when you are riding. This one piece of garment has the potential of transforming your look.

A pair of Black Leather Trousers: This leather trouser is extremely popular among Harley-Davidson riders. Moreover, it is a perfect match to the leather jacket and gives you the perfect Harley-Davidson look. It is imperative that you realize that you aren’t a cowboy, riding a horse instead; you are riding the Harley-Davidson and the leather trousers instead of regular jeans will give you that look.

Black Leather Boots:  Try recollecting Arnold Schwarzenegger’s look in the movie Terminator. Apart from the black leather trousers and jacket, Arnold Schwarzenegger was sporting a pair of black leather boots throughout the movie. The black leather boots will completely enhance your Harley-Davidson look.

A Harley-Davidson Helmet: When you ride you will obviously require some form of head protection- the helmet. Some of us are apprehensive about wearing a helmet as they think it’ll mess up their hairdo. However, that’s no valid excuse. Wearing a helmet is an absolute must. Moreover, with a Harley-Davidson Helmet you are sure to look fantastic.

A pair of Harley-Davidson Goggles: Complete your Harley-Davidson rider look with a pair of Harley-Davidson Goggles. These goggles are designed to be keep dust out of your eyes while riding. At the same time, these goggles are a fantastic accessory to the Harley-Davidson look.  

With these five additions to your wardrobe, you are all set to look like a perfect Harley-Davidson rider. 


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