Prom Dresses For Different Body Types

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Every single girl is blessed with a different body size and shape. This is precisely why there are prom dresses in many lengths, sizes and styles that are in the market.  Regardless of your body shape, you are sure to find something that is bound to fit you like as thought he outfit was specifically made for you.

Always remember that the secret is in the fit. The fit should be such that accentuates your body shape. It should complete your best features. This is even the case with prom dresses and other forms of formal gowns.  Listed below are the different prom dresses that are designed for each body type. 

For those that have a pear shaped body, a full length or A-line prom dress is ideal. This design will enable you to take the attention away from the hips.

For those with a petite figure it is a good idea to create the illusion of curves.  This can be achieved with dresses that have are bell-shaped.  It also helps to emphasize your bust area. You must also try to keep your outfit simple in its design.

For those with an hourglass figure it is not very tricky to pick the right prom dress. This is because your body shape is suitable for almost every design. You can choose to wear a short or a long prom dress with or without sleeves, it does not matter. With your body type, you will manage to pull off just about anything.

For those with an apple shape figure, your choice of prom dress should be one that manages to draw attention to your mid-section.  Owing to the high waist-line, you will not have to be too worried about your outfit being too well-fitted around your hips or your waist. Moreover, if you think you have the legs to pull off a short dress, it can be a good idea to choose a short prom dress.

For those that are well endowed on the chest area, you can choose to wear outfits that either draws attention away from your upper body or the other way around. If you want to emphasize this area, make sure the prom dress provides effective support as well as has a daring neckline. If you choose to draw attention away from your upper body, you can choose a prom dress that accentuates your waistline or the hemline.

Follow these handy tips and you are sure to be a show stopper at the prom.


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