Selecting A Tie

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It is important to ensure that the tie you are wearing matches with your complete outfit and also fits the occasion. This is a big question for most men – how can I make sure the tie works for me? This article will highlight some points for you to keep in mind when it comes to choosing that perfect tie.

The first thing to always keep in mind is the length of the tie. The standard length of the tie is 130-150cm. If you are taller consider the long ties and vice verse. A tie length that is appropriate is one where the triangular tip touches the buckle of the belt.

Unless you have the capacity to buy tie widths in current fashion each time, consider a tie with the width of 8cm or even better 9 cm. This is the general width and it will never get out of fashion!

When you want to buy a tie that goes with a particular suit, consider carrying the suit along. This will ensure that you choose a perfect combination. Not just the shirt, the color of the trousers should also be taken into account especially when you are wearing a sports jacket.

Before making the purchase, take a look at the tie for any defects in manufacturing, for instance, a thread may be loose, some weaving that may not be even, some discoloration or even a number smudge and a number of other defects.

When in the office or wearing casuals, polyester blends well. But when attending more formal business meetings, consider silk ties or silk blend ties.

For any occasion, always avoid ties that have pictures or cartoons printed on them. These makes the tie look very informal. Always ensure that you wear them to the appropriate occasion, like when you are attending a birthday party or going for a family gathering. Ties that have very solid colors or the ones that are stripped or dotted should be matched with the right shirt or suit.

When attending a job interview or going to regular office or any other formal occasion, consider more conservative ties. A dark colored shirt or suit should be worn with a tie that is lightly toned or a hue that compliments. Do not wear a tie with stripes and wear a shirt that is also striped.

Ensure that you also match the texture of what you are wearing with the right tie. A shirt with patterns is better worn with a tie that is solid and vice-verse.


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