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It is commonly known that physical fitness is important for good health. Many people also go for physical fitness to get a great body shape. However, despite the general awareness, we find that people are increasingly becoming more and more obese. Though the number of people joining the gym is growing, there is a high dropout rate amongst gym goers. Perhaps though the people know that doing exercise and being fit is important they are not able to really appreciate the value of being physically fit. Fitness improves our life in several ways. Let us have a look at some of them.

·Daily work becomes easier. Daily living involves a variety of physical work. We walk to office or home and in the shopping centre etc. We climb stairs. We pick up things from the floor or cabinets. Sometimes we jump, hop or even run. We do gardening and daily household work. If we are physically fit all these work become easy to do. There will be no strain in doing these things. Physical fitness improves stamina which means that we get less tired doing these daily things.

·There is increase in enjoyment. Getting less tired makes day to day living joyous and free of physical strain. We are able to do many more things and do them faster and better. Our efficiency improves.  There is much joy in being able to do things without huffing and puffing and straining under the weight of daily chores.

·Money is saved and you can live longer. By keeping fit we are able to ward off diseases. The risk factor for such lifestyle diseases as blood pressure, diseases  or e even cancer decreases significantly. By preventing diseases through fitness we are able to reduce our medical expenses and save money. Further, our life expectancy improves as a result of avoiding diseases.

·Body posture improves and confidence grows. With better muscles through exercise we are able to have better postures. Not only does the skeletal structure strengthen, toned muscles give better shape to the body. As a result our confidence also grows.

·Looks improve. Your clothes fit you better. Absence of bulging tummy make the clothes take the intended shape on your body. If you are the skinny type, physical exercise adds weight to your body so that the clothes don’t hang from your body. Your skin glows. A healthy body exudes radiance and exerts a magnetic pull on others.

Next time you drop out of a gym think of what you are losing.


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