Warming Up in Golf

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Any golfers don’t realize how important a warm up routine is for playing good golf. You will find many golfers arriving at the starting tee just in time for their time slot and teeing off on cold muscles. Perhaps you may manage your opening shot this way and even manage to play the first few holes decently on a cold start. However, you can never achieve consistency in the initial holes if you don’t warm up properly. Further even if get by without warming up you will do well to remember that you would be able to score better if you had primed yourself for the ensuing game with some warm up routine and stretching exercises.

It does not take too much time really. In fact, you don’t need to do specific exercises for warm up though that is a more systematic way of doing this. You could perhaps park your car a little far and take a brisk walk for five minutes which will give time to muscles to warm up.

If you add stretching to your warm up routine, it is great for your game. Golf is a game which requires muscles to be totally relaxed while executing a shot except the muscles which are deployed for the job. In the morning your body is stiff and it takes some stretching for the muscles to become flexible.  If you play in the evening, you need to relax your tired muscles before you begin the game. In golf, it is the relaxed muscle which is able to hit the ball further. A stiff or tense muscle is a handicap in golf

The stretching exercises are simple exercises, though it will help if you learn some golf specific stretching exercises as the game of golf uses a somewhat different set of muscles’ than other games. You must also remember to do proper warm up before doing stretching exercises as otherwise the muscles will not stretch properly. All this may require some time but it is time well invested. You should also remember that a full round of golf takes three to four hours. An investment of ten to fifteen minutes before the start of the game is time well spent as it will improve your game particularly in the first few holes.

Golf is not known as a game requiring physical fitness. However, the golfers have realized that it pays to be fit and a cold start is not the best way to start a round.


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