I Keep Spring Cleaning

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It is possible that you connect with spring cleaning in the same way as I do. We scrubbed, aired, scoured, cleaned and dusted everything and in fact spring cleaning today is not done as thoroughly as when we were kids. 

I continue doing spring cleaning and get rid of cobwebs, open and wash windows for fresh air etc. I may not put slipcovers on my furniture now and do miss it. Earlier we used to place fitted slipcovers on all the furniture in bright and pastel colors for the warm weather. It in fact totally altered the feel and look of the rooms. 

Spring cleaning also involves removing things we don’t need. As kids we gathered toys and clothes we had outgrown or any other item we didn’t use and give it away. I was thinking about those times. Some time back I spring cleaned my garage and was surprised with the number of things I had collected. It was also a nostalgic feeling. 

When we think about spring cleaning, it also brings to my mind as to how essential it is for everyone to indulge in some spring cleaning of the mind, soul and the heart. What I basically mean is that we collect and sometimes nurture thoughts and feelings which clutter our mind and soul making them stained. In fact I enjoy thinking about this when spring cleaning the house and try to deal with matters which I need to get rid of to be a happier person. It is true that often we don’t realize that we carry old resentment and anger in our hearts. We also at times carry frustration and guilt of different types which hurt us. I believe spring cleaning is an excellent opportunity to ponder and eliminate such feeling and thoughts. 

When you perform your spring cleaning this season I would like you to indulge in some spring cleaning of your soul, heart and mind and relish the fresh breeze which will invigorate your happiness. As you scrub think of old anger, guilt and resentments and try to concentrate on managing them and eliminating the clutter which has been created. When you look for cobwebs, try to find your fears and frustrations and by the time you are done with your housecleaning, you will also be able to unclutter your soul and mind. Now you and your mind will be ready to clinch the assurance of a lighter and brighter future.


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