6 Tips to Live in Flow (Life Is a River)

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“President Obama is in town.” It seems a simple enough statement. But living in Los Angeles, sparking a whisper, sometimes a roar, discussions on an issue that can make a debate of pumping blood in the lives of Angelenos.

The roads are closed. Detours abound. And tempers flare in vain. The traffic flow does not flow.
Or is it? Does not flow only to change direction? Those who “go with the flow,” Design and accept what is, able to handle new traffic with reasonable ease and less aggravation.

It reminded me of a trip to Colorado whitewater rafting in a few years ago. During the mini-preparation session before the romp through the rapids, our guide helped us to put our life jackets, the coach as much as possible about what we might face, “are based on the pond” “Do not fight tilts away from the wave, “etc., but when our bank raft a huge rock in a quick angry, what he did, he leaned out of danger instead of running with the movement of the boat. fell, crashing into the river bottom on the rocks. In that split second, I remembered the last instruction: “If you fall, you relax your body and not fight the water. Relax and let go.” Curiously, in the middle of the action of adrenaline racing, my body was calm and easily lifted to safety.

In many ways, life is like that river. The rivers are rich and powerful forces of nature that the wave with a view to their final destination, usually a larger water body. The river is called its path and along the path are the pools of stagnant water, marshes, shallow marshes, rocky streams, waterfalls, whitewater rapids and the river and everything that happens to another level, all still looking for that final destination.

Particles and the inhabitants of the river include the current flow and traveling with the ebb and obstacles in the way of river.

A reason for living in the stream, has the same attributes. I do not speak of respect or status quo, but rather the feeling of peace and liberation that comes to hand to the organic flow of your life and circumstances unknown, you experience every day. When I felt more focused in my life, and most secure in my choice was sunk when things easily from one event to another, like a liquid. This is also where I felt the most “intentionally”.

How to live like a river? Here are some ideas to get started:

* May not be able to control its external environment, at times, but you can control your reaction to their environment. Acts like a duck to water and let roll. Do not worry about what you can not control. Ask yourself, “there is anything I can do what is going on here?” If not, let it go.

* Pay attention to your body responds to their actions and decisions. If you touch his stomach start to turn, it is likely that the decision or action that you want to take another look. E ‘intuition to talk about what is right for you.

* Back to what you like. When you focus on what you enjoy doing and I love being with, the flow increases to meet you.

* “Love is like a river, he drowned in the barrel race.” ~ La Rosa
# Be grateful. When the project of gratitude for what life and work, more of the same flow back to you.

# Set a clear intention to desired locations along your life path. When the places are set to their destinations, the flow of impulses of positive results.

# Embrace the detours. Rivers has many branches and streams. It’s the same with life. Sometimes detours new choices and more interesting. This could lead to a significant event in your life!

# So, when life throws you a curve or force a detour, so be sure to river. Relax and go with the flow.


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