Sanur Beach is Easily Reachable From Denpasar

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Before 1970, if you heard the name of Sanur, the first thought is horrible black magic. Everyone knew that Sanur Bali, especially a certain person in the village had a strong magic practitioners. It was not unusual that the rumor among people that during the season for some this was a war between magic magical teachers Sanur and Kamas village Klungkung regency. People could see the lights of all the glow invaded the houses and trees crash and broken into particles of fire or theft red light decreases slowly in the dark, and many people say that something strange.

First writing to reveal the secret history of the Balinese have also been found in Sanur, now preserved in the temple called Pura Blanjong “This writing program 913 AD mentions the king Sri Kesari Warmadewa and” Walidwipa. Wali is a variant of “Bali” and Dwipa means the island. This is probably derived from the name “Bali”, even if the other person’s opinion notes that “Bali” originally “Wali” means “bid” or ‘Banten’ Bali is believed that Sri Kesari is the founder of the dynasty Warmadewa, which established in Bali, almost 425 votes in favor for about 913 a year with 1345. It ‘been said that the capital of the kingdom is “Singhadwara” If Singhadwara is a port city, you probably Sanur, means that the location written on the pillars were built only for the beach. Now the position of the pillar is about 300 meters from the shore line.

A team of archaeologists and geologists believe that the sediment on the beach of Sanur has been rapid in the past it was possible that the current in the sea around Sanur from the eastern part of Bali and has to deposition of sediment on the beach made the beach and you get bigger. Or the theory that the sea level is falling slightly, and probably some time back to where it was before. Before 1970, the village of Sanur is one of the towns that produced the limestone building materials. Collect the coral on the beach and burned in a furnace caused a yellow powder that is sold to all parts of South Bali. However, this industry is gone.

Sanur beach is composed of granulation white beach of golden sand in shallow seabed offshore. At low tide the beach looks very wide because of this natural formation. The beach is good for swimming, Sunday, during 16 hours Merta Sari Beach, just south of Bali Hyatt hotel is always full of locals with their families. While in a few months, usually December to February is often the wave brings seaweed waste, so the beach is dirty.

In 1996, Don was the reclamation of the beach on the island of Serang, only about 3 km south of Sanur Beach. Reclamation direction of ocean currents cause Sanur, because a deeper current is blocked. This caused a great consumption of certain parts of the beach of Sanur.

Sanur has attracted a lot of important people to visit a magical name since 1930, as artists, anthropologists and writers. To name a few, Dr. Jack Mershon his anthropologist wife, Katherine, painters like Walter Spies, Le Mayeur de Bruxelles, anthropologist Jane Belo, a writer Vicki Baum, and other key personnel. Le Mayeur also built a house and studio in Sanur Bali after marrying a woman named Ni Polok. Now his house is now preserved in the museum and the public.

In 1965, built the biggest hotel in Bali Grand Bali Beach Hotel. Then followed the Garuda Hotel (now the Sanur Beach Hotel), Bali Hyatt Hotel, Sindu Beach Hotel, hotels and many other large and small. And ‘the further development of Sanur is not only a hotel in Nice during the night, but has also developed several recreational and sports activities, such as sea kayaking, outrigger boats, jet skis, walking the seafloor, water skiing, scuba diving, and many others.

In the southeast of Bali, Sanur beach is easily reachable from Denpasar, on a disk from 5 to 10 minutes. Sanur is an excellent place to watch the sunrise, you jog along the beach of white sand. As one of the first developed resort in Bali, Sanur maintains its traditions. Only a stone’s throw from the beach, ancient temples are so solemn, it was in past centuries.

Sanur is a mixture, bringing the two worlds of Kuta and Nusa Dua. For more deserted beaches and a quieter pace of life is the quiet beach town of Sanur, a paradise. The main attraction of this beach is white sand and beautiful water constantly calm. Young people can go diving, windsurfing, parasailing, windsurfing or diving, but the hobby seems to lie here, relax and work on a tan.

Located on the east coast of Bali, Sanur beach is ideal for snorkeling. The beach is safe here because it is sheltered by a coral reef. Sanur area has all levels of housing and fixed network infrastructure. There is a good selection of accommodation available, with an excellent range of restaurants. If you do not always want to “eat”, then there are many restaurants offering a wide range of dishes of the beloved all through ridiculously low prices on local warungs.

Nevertheless village life goes and visitors can really experience the real Bali. Choose a Balinese-style accommodation or West, both with all the comforts of home. There are also many good restaurants and outdoor cafes offering all varieties of food imaginable. Lifestyle here is very different from Kuta and Legian, focusing on relaxation!

Warranty, Sanur is all vacationers, travel agencies, exchange offices, supermarkets and hypermarkets, which sell everything you need to take home because of Sanur is also a lively craft market and a good selection of art shops.


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