How to Start Meditating

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Concentrative Meditation: focus on only 1 object such as God or your desires when praying or wishing (using the law of attraction). This allows you to connect your conscious mind to your subconscious mind to your unconscious mind as though you are talking through a telephone using a semi-professional interpreter for language barrier.

Mindfulness Meditation: Start by focusing on your breathing, then focus on your surrounding/be aware of everything that’s happening without thinking at all. This allows your unconscious mind to awaken and speak to your conscious mind through nonverbal communication (experiencing emotions/feelings that you can understand) since you are still awake.

3 main criteria of meditation: the use of a defined technique, logic relaxation, and a self-induced state/mode.

Unconscious experience-sleeping and dreaming/observing through your unconscious mind

Conscious experience-awake and observing the world through your 5 senses

Super conscious experience-tapping into your unconscious mind while awake and gaining experience

Deep reasoning or rationalizing is a form of meditation where you use half concentrative and half mindfulness. You will work your logic so hard by concentrating and being aware of everything that it will crash and start to relax.

Your unconscious mind regulates functions which are essential to life and adapts when needed. Focusing intensely consciously makes your unconscious mind thinks it’s essential and gives you the answer. This is what happens when we meditate and why we dreams of things because we think it’s significant. It is harder to process something as essential for the unconscious mind when still awake.

How to actually meditate: Sit straight either on the floor or on a pillow with your legs crossed, hands together, and start by breathing in your nose and out your mouth slowly.

Tummo Meditation to increase your discipline and body temperature/metabolism

If you are interested in trying it yourself, do the following.

1. Sit cross legged with your spine straight.

2. Relax your arms, hands feet and legs as profoundly as you can. This will open up the capillaries in the skin if done well. Just relaxing, again this takes no magic.

3. Now, pull your stomach in all the way while exhaling. This should make your stomach muscles very tight, but keep the rest of you, the parts not being used, relaxed. The tightening of your diaphragm, intercostal muscles and abdominal muscles will cause your metabolic rate to rise, due to the work preformed.

4. Keeping you abdominal muscles tight, draw a deep breath in, you will feel yourself working hard to draw this breath, as your diaphragm overpowers your abdominal muscles. You will feel increased blood pressure as well, which is why your hands and feet must be relaxed. (arms and legs as well.)

5. Breath slowly as to not hyperventilate. But take deep, full breaths, with the air going all the way in and pushing the last of the air you can out with force on each exhalation.

Do this for a minute to get a feel of real warming, five minutes to get up to a good clip warmer than average.

At about half an hour, if you keep going, you will be able to do what the monks in the video did, making the damp cloth steam.

It is best to breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, but mouth breathing or breathing only through the nose works too.


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