How to Make Your External Drive Work on an Mac

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The reason why your external hard drive or flash drive can not store files when you plug in your device into your MAC computer could be because the type of storage system that is formatted on your device is not the one MAC uses. Usually all these device by default are formatted into “NTFS” which is what is used most of the time under windows. The reason is that NTFS can support the users to tranfer any file onto their external or internal storage device that is above 4GB in size. The thing is MAC does not support NTFS (unless you install a separate software that allows you to use NTFS under MAC which I’m not going to talk about here as I do not have a MAC). The alternative way to get around this is to format your drive to the older type of storage system called “FAT32” in that case your device will be able to read/write files in MAC, but there is a down side to this. That is you can not transfer files that is more than 4GB. So I guess my method is not the ultimate way to get around this but this will be a big aid if you are under a situation you just need to get some file out. Anyway the concept is we need to reformat your external device, but you might ask what! does it mean I will have to wipe out all my files ? well the answer is no! we can actually do that under windows which out lose any of your files in your drive. So here is what you need to do! first of all go to “Start” and “Run” and type in “cmd” and Enter. This will bring you to the Command line window ( which black background and white words. Then we need to type in some syntax to get it work.

1. we will be using the “convert” command. The syntax is like this ” “convert “drive ID” /fs:fat32.

2. So before you start typing you will have to go to “my computer” and find out the “ID”  of your external drive that you wish to convert.

3. So for example the device “ID” is “e” then in the command line window you type convert e: /fs:fat32 and enter

4. After the convertion is complete it will tell you in the command line window and there you go you are done ! you can double check it by going to “my computer” and right click on your external device and press “R” it will tell you what kind of format the device is in.

This way you won’t lose anyfile in your external device !

Thanks for reading again ! Hope to see you guys soon !


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