You Can Get Leather Furniture

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Decorating homes (with or without leather furniture) and helping others do the same is something I have been doing for a long time. I’ve always had a keen eye that has helped me coordinate colors as well as fabrics with an end result that is always beautiful. Using leather decorating houses wasn’t something I could say I went out of my way to do. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the wonders of leather furniture. And this was after I helped a client arrange leather furniture in her home.

I can’t really say why I wasn’t a fan of leather furniture but it may have something to do with my mother who is an interior designer as well, saying that leather was not meant to be used in personal homes. My mother always let her clients use leather furniture in their medical and law offices but never in their homes. Also my thoughts on leather furniture were further ingrained in my mind because of the fact that I had been practicing interior design for years and I believed that homes could look beautiful without leather furniture.

My day of reckoning came after a client hired my services to decorate a cabin they had that they would be using during the summer. During our meeting before the set date, they would bring up the topic of leather furniture and I would always politely change the subject. They eventually were up front with me and asked me why I never encouraged my clients to use leather furniture. As expected I didn’t have a good answer for that.

So I spent a few hours looking at pictures of homes that had leather furniture and I slowly became convinced that it wasn’t such a bad idea. With that, I also came to the conclusion that I would give my clients what they wanted and let them use leather furniture. I broke my own code of never using leather furniture and helped my clients arrange it all over the cabin in an attractive manner. The outcome was so outstanding that I even reconsidered getting some leather furniture for my own lake house.

Since then, leather has become my best friend and each time I sit down with a client to look at the various options available, I always bring up leather furniture. Personally, I went ahead and purchased a pair of leather seats to use in my lake house. 


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