Equipment For Steam Carpet Cleaning

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There are several different kinds of carpet cleaning equipments in the carpet steam cleaners. You can get truck mounted machines which are powered by gas, or the ones which are powered by electricity as well as the electric portable carpet steam cleaners. Here you will get an idea about the fundamental differences between all these devices. 

Let us start with the gas truck mount carpet cleaner. This type of machine is used most commonly in the carpet cleaning industry. Trucks engine or a different gas engine is fitted into this device to run the vacuum blower and the water pump. Such carpet steam cleaners have been designed to generate the maximum amount of vacuum and heat. They are preferred by the cleaners due to the speed and power they generate as well as the efficiency. If the cleaner is using this machine, he needs to get just 2 hoses to your house. They will not have to carry heavy equipment to your home and it also reduces the noise generated in the home. 

Next is the electric truck mounted cleaners which used as carpet cleaning machines. They are very much like the gas truck mounts but here electric motor is used to run the water pump and the vacuum blower. They can be said to be slightly better as they are friendlier for the environment and also generate less noise. On the other hand they do not generate the same amount of vacuum power like a gas powered machine but do the job well. With this machine a cleaner also only needs to bring 2 hoses into your home. 

Now we will talk about the portable carpet cleaning machine. This device runs on electricity for running the vacuum motor and water pump. The equipment is packed in a portable manner and can be brought to your home easily. It is very useful fir places which can’t be serviced by truck mounted devices such as high rise and apartments. It offers less power but can do the job. This is a much louder and cumbersome device to use. 

You may also find more carpet cleaning machines but these 3 are used most commonly as carpet steam cleaners. Keep in mind that carpet cleaning machines are only tools and it may not do a great job if it is not operated in the right way. It is vital to select the carpet cleaning service according to their skill, motivation and ethics.


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