Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Our kitchen cabinets are placed in areas of the home which are prone to a lot of dirt accumulation. Cooking results in splattered food, grease and food spills and other than that sticky or dirty hands of kids as well as adults can be ruinous for your cabinets. 

How to select the cleaning products

If you clean regularly it will decrease grime build up on the cabinets and it will easier for you to get rid of it. The method of cleaning which is to be used will be based on the materials which are used for making the cabinet and doors. Detergent mixed with warm water can be used for cleaning painted areas as well as metals and vinyl surfaces. It is also important to wash properly with plain water and dry it with a soft cloth. 

If you have all purpose cleaners, they can typically be used on all the surfaces. It is good to read the labels before using them on your cabinets. You can test the cleaner on a not easily seen area before cleaning the whole cabinet. Use plain water for final cleaning. 

There are a number of us who are sensitive to chemicals and are also concerned about the environment while using household chemicals. You can find environmental friendly products in your own kitchen. Combine lemon juice or white vinegar with water to remove grease from the cabinets. Stains can be eliminated wit club soda or baking soda. Wash with water and dry with a soft cloth. 

Cleaning Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

You can use especially designed spray cleaners for the wooden furniture. You must first check to ensure that the cleaner you have bought is safe for your cabinets. Follow all directions properly when you use any cleaning product. This should also be tested on a safe spot before being used. 

Sometimes your wooden cabinets may become dull after cleaning and if you face this problem you can reinstate the sparkle with furniture polish. It is also be polished with furniture wax to eliminate the dull look. It is also good to polish your wooden cabinets on a regular basis to maintain the shine and the wood. 

Cleaning metal accessories on your kitchen cabinets

Again you must check out the material of the hardware before using any cleaner. It is possible to get polishes and cleaners for all kinds of metal and you must pick the most suitable one. You may end up damaging the handles if you use the wrong cleaning products.


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