Want to Stop Smoking

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For some people it is an annual ritual, the New Year resolution to quit smoking. In fact, worldwide this must be one of the most common resolutions. Millions of people try to quit smoking every New Year. But very few actually succeed.

Somehow the New Year brings new hopes. The period from Christmas till the next year is fill of optimism for most people. They look forward to the New Year with new hopes and new plans. One of these plans is the resolve to quit smoking.

The problem with this New Year resolution is that it is not planned but left to chance. You cannot think that you will quit smoking one fine day and expect that your thinking will translate into reality. Life does not work that. For implementing the resolve you cannot rely upon your will power alone which is normally weaker than you think. What you need to do is to plan properly for the resolve to work.

First you need to be sure that you actually want to quit smoking. Wishful thinking is no good. You need to search your mind and think the real reasons why you actually want to kick this comfortable habit you have got into. Is it for health reasons?

If so, you need to think of the health negatives smoking brings. You need to make your resolve stronger by thinking of the actual gains you will make from it. The gains need to be real. Therefore, you need to make actual changes in your lifestyle as preparation to quit smoking.

These lifestyle changes need not be elaborate. It can be just one or two simple things. The best changes are those which will reinforce your commitment to stop smoking. For instance, sitting and smoking often holds you back from physical activity. If you could incorporate a physical activity such as a walk in the park or a game of shuttle or tennis in your routine you may find the urge of smoking taking a backseat because of the positive effect of these exercises. You may not like to lose the positive benefits of exercise by smoking. It takes hard work for an inactive person to undertake physical activity and if he feels better as a result he will not like to jeopardize the benefits through smoking. Another good strategy is to seek the company of nonsmokers. In the absence of social reinforcement your habit will weaken and it will be easier to quit smoking.


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