Worried About Your Muscles Not Growing

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If you are wondering why you have not made any progress in building your muscles of late even though you were doing well earlier, well take a pause and consider the following possibilities which may apply to your situation.

·You are probably training too hard. You will do well to remember that every time you do weights and train your muscles you are actually breaking the muscles. This is of course a necessary step in the growth of muscles. But growth takes place during the period of recovery. By not allowing adequate recovery time, your muscles do not get time to recover and grow. You may actually lose muscles through overtraining as your muscles break down more and more.

·You are training too hard. While intense training is useful in growing muscles you must not exceed more than one hour of intense training. Hard training increases cortisol level , which is a stress hormone. It actually destroys your muscle.

·You are sleeping too little. Sleep is very essential for the recovery and growth of the muscles. You don’t grow muscles while exercising. You grow them during the recovery which is best achieved through adequate sleep. It may sound counter intuitive but you actually need to sleep well to see your muscles grow.

·You are taking too much alcohol. This would break down your muscle mass. Take only moderate amount of alcohol to limit the damage.

·You are stuck to the same routine. You need to vary your routine to make your muscles grow. When muscles are subjected to the same routine week after week, they adapt to the same and having adapted, they stop growing. You need to surprise and challenges your muscles periodically. Change your routine every few weeks and see your grow in response to the new challenges.

·You are not overloading your muscles progressively. You cannot go through the same weight every time. You need to increase the weight progressively. Muscles grow in response to the overload. Therefore if the weight remains constant they do not grow.

·You are nor eating enough protein. It is the protein which is the building block for muscle. You need at least one gram per kilo of your body weight when you are strength training. If you do not take enough protein, the muscles are deprived of the nutrients which will make it grow. If you do not get enough protein in your food, supplement with protein shakes.


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