Prevent Diabetes

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Type 2 diabetes is getting more and more common these days. Though heredity is the main risk factor associated with this disease, you can minimize your chances of getting the disease by following simple routines. Actually, before the disease manifests itself it goes through a phase called pre diabetes phase. If you have such symptoms it is time to make following simple lifestyle changes to avoid getting the disease.

·You must control your weight. Being overweight is a big risk factor for this disease. You need to cut down on your food. You can try having a glass of water before every meal so that you feel full enough to limit your intake of food.

·You need to cut down on fat. Too much fat is not good for you. Most of us eat too much fat in our normal diet. Therefore you need to make some simple changes to cut down on fat. Try to avoid eating fat in any direct way. Avoid fatty portions of meat. Use toned milk or double toned mill. Cut down of butter and cheese. Also cut down on your cooking oil. Change to baking or grilling your food which cuts down on oil considerably.

·Check the glycemic index of the food you eat. You need to switch to foods having low glycemic index. Basically, low glycemic index foods release insulin in your blood slowly thus maintaining blood sugar levels stable. High glycemic foods upset the balance which can lead to full blown disease. Therefore, check foods for their glycemic index and go for low glycemic food.

·Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Keep water at your side always. This way you will be reminded to drink water and will also have water conveniently available at your side for drinking.

·Cut down on unhealthy snacks. Avoid chocolate snacks and fried stuff. If you are hungry between the meals go for fruits or a health bar.

·Get into an exercise routine. Exercise helps you in more than one way in beating diabetes. Firstly, it helps burn the sugar in your blood. It also eliminates fat from your body thus reducing your weight. It also strengthen your body and builds resistance to disease. It is good for the heart and the lungs.

You don’t need to exercise very vigorously. You should start with 15 minute walks and gradually increase the time as well as intensity level. Of course, some huffing and puffing must result.

Follow these simple tips and avoid diabetes. 


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