Spring Cleaning Is Easy With Tips

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According to the host of the popular show by TLC ‘Clean Sweep’ Peter Walsh, spring cleaning is a lot about personal satisfaction. It activates people to revitalize their houses and renovate their lives. Contrary to what most people believe cleaning is not just about a bunch of hated tasks but it can also be an experience which is very rewarding. According to Walsh spring is the ideal period of the year to get your life as well as home organized.

You need to make and follow a simple checklist and use appropriate products for every task which will make the job much easier. As per the experts on cleaning, homes of today have such features and surfaces which need specialized protection and care. Homes have stone to stainless steel countertops, fancy wood and leather items and all of them need a different product which will clean them properly and display their attraction. If you follow these simple tips it will become really easy to manage high-traffic areas of the home like the kitchen. Here is a simple checklist to make your work simple:

Do the work slowly- We are aware that it takes a lot of time for the home to become dirty and cluttered and that is why it is not realistic thinking that you will be able to organize all the parts of the home in just a day or over a weekend. You can begin with one small drawer, cupboard or just a shelf at one time. Develop a plan for cleaning and sweeping a part every day till all the rooms are done.

Try ‘One-Month Cardboard Box Test’- Clutter tends to accumulate wit time and you have to start by getting organized and clean by seriously cutting down the amount of things you have in every room. Clean up the drawers, remove objects from under beds and check out the closets. Place all these things in a large box and for the next one month, only place the items back if they have been used. In case you have not used some items in these four weeks you may most probably never use it.

Use correct products for cleaning- When you try to clean the whole house it will mean cleaning many different kinds of surfaces. You could be having granite kitchen countertops and leather chairs in the living room which makes it really vital to use the products which are particularly designed to protect and nourish that specific surface other than cleaning it.


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