Teach Children To Play Golf

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Children are turning to golf in a big way these days. The popularity of the game amongst the children is due to the Tiger Woods phenomenon. Every child wants to become Tiger Woods. Golf is no longer considered a boring game by the children. They see it as exciting.

As a result, many children are discovering how much fun the game of golf is. You will find them hitting the ball around at a driving range. But this interest in the game has to be channelized properly so that they can learn the game and continue their interest rather than hitting the ball aimlessly.

The first thing to do is to enroll your child in a golf class. You may find that your local course has such a program as most golf clubs have junior programs. He will be with children of his age and learn the game in a fun way from a teacher. You don’t need to buy a new set of golf clubs right away as the club may provide old clubs for teaching. It will also give you time to gauge the interest of your child in the game. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars in buying a new set of golf clubs for your child only to see him abandon the game after a few weeks.

The next thing to remember is that there are no short cuts in learning golf. Don’t expect your child to hit long drives and sink long putts after a couple of weeks of practice. This game requires a lot of patience and undue high expectations very early from our child may kill his interest in the game.

Do not get serious about practice every time you are in the driving range. Let your child hit the ball around. Don’t push him into dedicated practice very early. Let him take his time. Let him have some fun.

After some time when you find that your child has really taken to the game, you can buy him a set of new clubs. They may not be very expensive. However make sure that the clubs fit him properly as otherwise his game will suffer. You also need to remember that your child will outgrow the clubs after a year or two as he grows in height.

Use the time spent practicing or playing the game for bonding with the child. Talk about other things besides golf. Don’t worry, if your child does not turn into the next Tiger Woods. The spent in the golf course would cement your relationship.


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