Easy Tips to Play Golf

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All golfers share one passion in common-the desire to improve their game. It does not matter whether you are a low handicapper or a high handicapper or even a beginner. Everybody is looking to lower his score. This abiding desire gives meaning to long hours spent in practicing and playing the game. Here are a few tips to improve your game.

  • Warm up before the Game

Some people think that golf is not a game which requires any physical preparation before playing as other games like tennis or football do. Nothing can be further from the truth. You need to warm up before you hit your first shot. You need to stretch your golfing muscles. Otherwise, before you know it you will be down with a couple of double bogeys in the opening holes.

  • Swing your Arms 

Golf is played with the hands. You need to swing those arms before you start the game. It is the perfect exercise for the game. Loosen up your arms. The club will swing as the arm does.

  • Fit your club size

It is important to play with clubs suited for your size. The length of the club should match your height. It is best to play with fitted clubs rather than clubs of standard size. It can make a lot of difference to your game.

  • Know your golf swing

There are six parts of the golf swing. You need to become familiar with each part well. The first part is the alignment of the club with the target line. The second is the alignment of the body position and the posture with the club. The third is the takeaway of the club, the fourth is the back swing, the fourth is the downswing culminating in the impact of the club and the sixth is the follow-through.

  • Know the Course

A golfer needs to know the course well. And depending on the layout and his own strengths and weaknesses he has to devise a course strategy. He has to consider the trouble spots carefully. He needs to calculate as to which shots will best help him to avoid the hazards. Without a strategy in place, the best golfer can come to grief.

Finally, a golfer needs to maintain his health. You need power, flexibility as well as stamina to play this game. Look after your body well and the reward will show up in more frequent pars.


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