Golf Swing Problems And Ways to Fix It

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Golf swing is a subject of perennial interest to golfers. Everyone is trying to improve his swing. But most people don’t know what is wrong with their swing in the first place. They go to instructors who tell them the reason for the faults. But this does not solve the problem really. The coach can tell you where the fault lies. Correcting the fault is another matter. It is not easy to understand the root of the problem. Faults and root cause are two different things.

You will be surprised to know that the root cause of the problem lies in most cases with the body. The golf swing mechanics is very important and no amount of corrections will work unless you get the body to perform properly during the act of swinging. No matter how many lessons you take you can’t solve the basic fault unless you solve the physical problem associated with a bad swing.

Let us take an example. So many times your instructor might tell you that you are coming out of your swing. You may try correcting it but the fault will never go away unless you understand the underlying cause and correct it. This fault is probably caused by your hamstrings being too tight. These are muscles at the back of your legs which play an important part in holding your swing, stabilizing the action and support the swinging action generally. In golf, you bend from the waist to swing. This puts strain on the hamstrings. If the hamstrings are not loosened up they may not be able to take the strain and jettison the support even before the swing is complete. The result is that you come out of the swing and don’t complete it properly. Or, as it happens in the case of senior golfers, your hamstrings may be too weak to support the swinging action. The swing then goes haywire in the middle of the action as the hamstrings cry for help.

This is an example of how the body mechanics come into play during the act of swinging a golf club. Be aware of your body and you may be able to correct your faults by correcting your posture, strengthening the appropriate muscles and keeping them limber and loose for the golf game. If you understand this, you will take the first real step in improving your golf game.


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