Golf Swing And Ways to Improve It

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It is often not realized that golf swing is determined more by physical capacity than by technique. You may have learnt the technique with the best of instructors and mastered it with weeks of practice. But the mastery of technique can take your game only so far. You need to look at your body’s capacity to reproduce the swing you have learnt. A golf swing has many parts and each of these parts is related to the action of the different muscles of your body. You need strength as well as flexibility. You also need to develop your core muscles for stability. If your body is not primed up for the game no amount of training and hard work on the swing alone will give you the results.

Take for instance the example of the X Factor in golf swing which is a measure of the difference between your shoulder rotation and the hip rotation. The greater the difference is the longer the ball travels. The X factor is therefore crucial in achieving distance particularly with the driver when you need the maximum leverage and rotation. Even though you may have learnt to hit the driver well, you may not get the distance unless your body is flexible enough to achieve a large separation between the shoulder and the hips during the backswing. You also need strength to achieve a high X Factor and to maintain the posture during the separation.

This is just one example of how body mechanics affects the swing. It is possible to improve the body mechanics through exercises for specific part of the body. These exercises will go a long way in complementing your mastery of the swing technique. The two go hand in hand and reinforce each other.

In fact, body training is often neglected in golf. The game is seen as less strenuous than other games almost as if it was not a sport but a leisurely activity. Nothing can be further from the truth. The game is only deceptively easy. You require the same degree of fitness as you require for other vigorous games such as soccer and basketball. The only difference is that the muscles involved are different. But you need to exercise these muscles both for strength as well as flexibility and unless your golfing muscles are primed up you cannot expect to improve your score through mastering technical aspects of the swing.


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