Xbox Gamers Can Enjoy The Virtual Museums

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All parents are worried about their children. Especially those parents, whose children are highly addicted to video gaming consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PS3. But now they can breathe a sigh of relief.

As pointed out by R.J Nimmo, a fantasy novelist writing books for young adults, combining children’s liking towards fantasy-based games along with their computer skills can help improve learning in children. The most exciting place to start this new learning opportunity is introducing children to websites belonging to natural history and science museums.

Nimmo, who is a professional in this field, has also said that nowadays websites of museums can provide a completely new experience with advanced graphics, superior interaction and amazing stimulation for eyes and ears of children belonging to the current Xbox generation.

Nimmo provided an example for kids especially amazed and addicted to Tomb raider children. Providing several different variety of internet based games, stories and activities, Museums can and have developed a completely new online experience for users which can especially benefit kids of the modern IT and Xbox playing generation.

Games such as the Tomb Raider have a very similar theme to what a museum can offer. From mythical monsters, ancient epic battles to adventurous historic quests, a common base can be developed between Xbox games and knowledge offered on Museum websites which can help lure children. The best part about the online experience on Museum websites is that, what you learn and engage in is actually authentic fact rather than fantasy based fiction. Hence, it helps children to actually learn history in a fun way.

There are several advantages pointed out by Nimmo, whose latest novel titles as “The Ancient Egypt Ennead” is based at the time of Pharaohs in Egypt. He has also posted articles about his book online along with giving links to various online Museum resources that can be found. The British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are some of these Museums. Advantages are as follows:

The possibility of online resources make Museums much more accessible especially if you stay in remote places, have trouble travelling or live in cities where there are few museums. To top it off, you don’t even have to stand in queues in the online world for exhibits and restrooms alike!

Online resources and websites of museums are also much cheaper and easier since from the comfort of your sofa you can get your kids to sit and watch the various treasures and adventures of the archaeological world.


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