Relation Between Cleaning And Skin Allergies

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There are many of us who believe that skin allergies are the result of dirty surroundings and pollution. This is absolutely correct and the good news is that you can do several positive things to decrease allergic symptomsan reactions of problems like asthma. 

It is not possible to see dust mites with your naked eyes. They are really small and much information is available about them online. Here let us find ways to manage dust mites successfully and decrease symptoms due to them.

It is good to change blankets, bed sheets and pillowcases once every week. The bedding should be washed at the temperature of 130 F in the washing machine to eliminate dust mites. Choose bedding colors which do not fade easily and look good even after a few washes.

  • Put allergy-proof covers on your pillows, mattress and box springs as it will protect them from dead human skin cell flakes which are the main food for the dust mites.

  • Don’t keep stuffed toys on our bed as you may be surprised to know that they attract dust mites.

  • Decrease humidity as lower relative humidity inside the house is good for people who suffer from allergy. The dust mites will shrink and fade away if they are not able to absorb moisture from the atmosphere. This can be done with dehumidifiers and air conditioners.

  • It is best to have hardwood, laminate or stone flooring as compared to carpet as this will eliminate the development of dust mites. In case you have to maintain carpet flooring you should make sure that you steam clean the carpets a minimum of once every year.

  • The house should be vacuumed and dusted once every week and it is vital to clean the house at regular intervals. In case you have a very busy schedule you can hire a cleaner. Dust and other harmful particles are under control when you dust your home regularly. It is good to use a damp cloth or mop on the uncarpeted floors and furnishings to wipe off the remains of the dust mites. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to vacuum sofa, carpets, window blinds and sofas regularly. It is better if they have a special filter.
  • Ensure that your furry and feathered friends stay away from your sleep area or bedroom. 

Every small thing will help and you can get much more information on how to avoid allergies as well as cleaning tips online.


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