I Don't Mind Spring Cleaning

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Spring brings in longer days and bright sun shine. Open all the windows and breathe in the fresh air and the sweet smell of lilacs and grass. You will get more energetic and enthusiastic at this time of the year. This is the time to shake off winter blues and get into Spring Cleaning!

You can begin with making a list which will help you make the rooms brighter. Remove the window shades and curtains and clean them thoroughly. You can take the Venetian blinds outdoors and clean them with a hose. You can start and iron the curtains to get a crisp clean look. You can hang them once you have washed the windows well outside as well as inside. It is best to wash the windows with a bucket of water with some ammonia. Use some newspaper and squeegee for proper cleaning. Clean windows make a lot of difference in making the home look clean. You can exchange dark insulated hangings with a window topper or sheer curtains which will help to light up the room.

You can check now if you home packed with clutter? You may be having newspapers and magazine stacks, toys scattered around, things lying on the tables, counters, chairs, and even on the floor. It is best to throw things you don’t require and you may find many things which can go into the trash. Keep some elegant storage containers or shelves to keep things you need.

Look at your walls to see their state. You can decide to paint them after they have been cleaned with a scented degreaser. If you want to brighten the room use pastel shades. In fact it is studied that light shades have the ability to brighten up your mood. You can even just clean your walls well and stencil the border, or hang something bright a pretty like a favorite picture or a dried flower arrangement. You can think of hanging your framed family pictures in the hallway like a gallery.

Spring is also a time when you can check out your drawers and closets to remove clothes which you have not been using for some time now. Trust me it will feel good to give away big bags packed with unused clothes or clothes you don’t want to wear to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. This also gives you a tax break! If you have expensive clothes which are in a good shape, you can take them to a consignment shop. 


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