Spring Cleaning May Feel Like Hard Work

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Spring-cleaning can be a chore for some people but there are many who enjoy it. I got to know this when I was young and today the thought of spring cleaning brings back valuable and lovely memories.

I grew up as a young child in a land which had four seasons and amazingly none of them was a rainy season. It was Manitoba where the cold restraining winter days were escorted out with ritual in the farm every year. This was spring-cleaning when not a single corner of our house which was not touched by dusters, brooms, rags, scrub brushes and other cleaning materials. We fully emptied the closet and inventories were made and value assessed. It was also cleaned and washed. Good clothes were washed folded and organized in the cupboard in a proper and efficient manner. Cleaning was done by removing the beds and emptying the dresser and believe me every part of the ceiling was dusted.

My most favorite memory is that of window cleaning. In fact once the windowpanes were taken out to be cleaned, the windowsill became a spot of great fun. I can remember those occasions so clearly when we watched the ice breaking up in the stream behind our house as we sat on the perfect window perch. Massive pieces passed by, cracking noisily, turning twisting, and piling up on top of each other proclaiming the arrival of the new season. There was a lot of fresh air with billowing willows on the left and bird homes and tweeting chickadees on the right. It was just too good.

It was during those days that I learned that it is worth doing all the hard work. Even at that young age I could feel the transformation in the energy level in my home as well as in myself. This was evident after a day of painstaking cleaning and de-cluttering. Our home felt brighter, lighter as well as happier.

Even today the best thing about cleaning and de-cluttering is when I hear my clients express same kind of feeling of freedom and lightness after we have done the spring cleaning together. It may be your office or home de-cluttering can be a very therapeutic as it moves from the old and begins a whole new season.

Have you made any plans for this spring? Do you have cluttered desk tops and rooms which are preventing you from enjoying? It is time to get into spring cleaning.


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