Spend Money Wisely on Xbox 360

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The Xbox 360 is the most impressive system since the Nintendo 64. It brings the most exciting gaming experience with endless hours of gaming. The entire experience is bound to leave its owner in absolute awe. The Xbox 360 has both the arcade and shop feature. The arcade feature allows you to play the good ‘ol classic arcade games, whilst the shop feature enables you to purchase new stuff for your games via your “gamer points”. Moreover, you can also connect your IPod to your gaming console and listen to your favourite music as you play your favourite games. 

Guitar Hero 3, Bio Shock and Halo 3 are among the many games that are available on the Xbox 360. Guitar Hero 3 is designed to give you the online experience of ‘striking the right chords’ on your guitar. It is a game for music enthusiasts and experts alike. Bio shock is a game that tells the story of a man involved in a plane crash that survives and finds himself in an underwater city filled with chaos. Halo 3 is a game with multimedia features meaning that it is continuously updated to ensure that you never get bored of it. This and more games make the perfect components of a gaming console that you will love.

That said, the Xbox 360 has one little drawback- the price. An Xbox360 can range from anywhere from $300 to $500 depending on the model that you decide to buy. There are three categories that you can choose from – the Elite, Normal and Core. The Xbox 360 Elite, the more expensive gaming console, comes with a range of exclusive features like its matte black finish and the 120 GB hard drive. The Xbox360 Normal comes with the addition of some hybrid features and a detachable external hard disk. The Xbox 360 Core is the entry level gaming console. The most recommended version of the Xbox 360 is mostly the Xbox360 Normal. This is particularly the case if you are looking to not spend too much money on a gaming console.

In conclusion, the Xbox 360 makes for a perfect thing to own or a gift for someone you love. According to most gamers and industry experts, the Xbox 360 is designed to ensure that there is something in it for absolutely everybody. It will be an investment that you will not regret. 


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