You Will Be Surprised With Your Xbox 360

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The Xbox 360 has surpassed its predecessor by leaps and bounds. Some of the features that this version of the gaming offers are the 20 GB hard-drive, wireless remote and even the extremely aesthetic exterior.

First of all, the Xbox 360 comes in both black and silver. Both these colours on the device are extremely pleasing on the eye and it depends entirely on personal preference which one you choose. Moreover, the exterior cases are all removable and this means that you can personalise your gaming console by adding your favourite colour. 

The 20 GB hard-drive gives you enough and more memory storage capacity than you would need. This means you can store all your videos, music and other multimedia without having the storage capacity constraint. If you choose to, this hard-drive can be upgraded. However, given the storage capacity, this looks unlikely. Just to give you a rough estimate of the storage capacity of a 20 GB hard-drive, it is possible to store 6000 mp3 songs or 5 entire movies.

The wireless remote of the Xbox 360 is really a blessing in disguise. Say goodbye to the annoying tangles wires or having to sit uncomfortably in-order to be close enough to the console whilst playing your favourite games.

Under this aesthetically designed exterior lies the gaming console’s processing powerhouse. The Xbox 360 has an in-built 3 3.2GHz processor. Your standard desktop comes with one processor. To get a better picture of the power of the Xbox 360, try to imagine the equivalent of 3 times the processing power of your desktop. Impressive, isn’t it?

To be able to compete with the brilliant Xbox 360’s processing power, it has a custom made ATI graphics processor. With a massive 512mb of RAM and a whooping speed of over 500MHz, the graphics card is a sure performance booster. 

Apart from the several features exclusive features of the Xbox 360 that I have already mentioned, there are more surprises that are packed into this gaming console like the wireless headset and many more. One thing is for sure, the Xbox 360 is a pure genius, an innovation that has changed the landscape of gaming consoles.  With its increasing popularity it is becoming a force to reckon with, especially for its competitors like the Sony PlayStation 3.

Finally, whether you are a novice or an expert gamer, you will love the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 promises to be a ticket to a world of excitement where surprises never end. 


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