Xbox 360 And The Xbox

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You could me living anywhere on the face of this planet to know about the launch of the Xbox 360. This gaming console is often deemed as the leader of the pack, the next-generation gaming console. The Xbox 360 has a wide range of titles from various genres that it offers to gaming enthusiasts.  If you have been among the lucky ones who have managed to get a sneak peek of the action in the Xbox 360 then you are perhaps already aware of the power of this gaming device when compared to the older version of the Xbox or to any other gaming device in the market. Another exciting aspect of the Xbox 360 is the in-built feature of backward compatibility – meaning that the Xbox 360 will allow you to play almost all the games that you played on the original Xbox.

Having said all these wonderful things about the Xbox 360, one would only imagine that the original Xbox’s life expectancy is limited. Is that true? Let’s take a closer look.

Given the limited availability of the Xbox 360, the prices on websites like EBay and are skyrocketing. I have witnessed times when the prices have increased to as much as $1500. If you were lucky enough to get your Xbox 360 at its retail price, it still is pretty expensive.  The Xbox 360 could end up costing you almost three times as much as the original Xbox. This cost factor is one reason why the Xbox will continue to stay in the market.  Another factor that works for the Xbox, much like in the case of the Play Station 2, is its games. Gamers around the world have not only become accustomed to these games, but have also grown to love them. Further, these people will not feel the need to immediately upgrade their gaming consoles. In the event that these gamers do feel the need, it is important to pay attention to the roaring success of the Play Station 2 or the GameBoy and the amount of loyalty that they enjoy. Gaming developers continue to design and develop games for these gaming devices because they continue to stay in demand. This is primarily why you’d notice Xbox giveaways and why Microsoft incurs a loss with each gaming device it sells.  

Hence, while the new-age Xbox 360 may be the talk of the town, it does not imply that it’s time to do away with your Xbox anytime soon. 


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