Best Clothing For Air Travel

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People dress in all kinds of clothes while travelling. Some dress casually in jeans while others wear business suits. Some people wear track pants or even pajamas for the flight. With the increase in airport security some people wonder whether one needs to dress in a particular way for flights. Actually, it doesn’t matter really what you wear for the flight.

Comfort has become an important consideration for choosing the clothes during air travel. It really doesn’t matter whether you are taking a long flight or not. Nobody wants to be uncomfortable during a flight. After all, there is nothing more uncomfortable than tight clothes and itchy pants. Even if you are travelling for business you can wear loose and comfortable clothes as it is possible to change into business suit in the airport bathrooms.

Sweat pants and loose top are ideal for air travel as they pose no problems with security. This is because sweat pants don’t have metal parts and security checks take less time than the travelers who are laden with accessories which trigger security alarms.

Earrings and other jewellery create some problems at the airport security. You will be asked to remove the jewelry and keep in a bin. Necklace and rings have to be removed. The jewelry is scanned along with your other baggage. While you may not be asked to remove earrings, it may set off the metal detectors, in which case you may be taken aside for security check.

Belts also trigger alarms. You are asked to remove them when you enter the security area. If you are uncomfortable about removing belt and jewelry it is best to leave these items at home when you travel.

These days the security may ask you to even remove shoes. Earlier such checking was random. Now it is almost mandatory and your shoes are scanned like the rest of your luggage. Therefore it is advisable to wear shoes which are easy to remove and wear again.

Of late liquids are not being allowed in the planes. Even liquid water cannot be carried. You cannot therefore keep liquid toiletry items in the carry on baggage. Some women are concerned whether gel filled bras are allowed or not. Actually, you are allowed to wear them currently. In fact, unless you mention it to the security they may not even know about it. 


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