Right Clothing For Mountain Biking

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Mountain biking is a great sport but it challenges you physically. It is important to guard against injury if you take a tumble during biking on the mountain. Mountain bike clothing is designed to meet the requirement of this sport. If you are an amateur or just starting out in this sport, tracksuit bottoms with comfortable fit, a long sleeved shirt and a helmet to protect your head will serve the purpose. You may also like to use gloves on your hands. However, if you do mountain biking regularly it makes sense to get proper professional gear for the purpose. Your clothes should not only be comfortable, it should be made of fabric which breathes. Further, it should also provide some protection from the hazards of this sport.

When you look for proper gear, you will find that the clothes are generally made of quick dry fabrics or micro fleece. The shorts generally have an extra layering in the seats. You will thank yourself for buying such shorts particularly when traversing rough cross country roads.

Gloves are sometimes forgotten and not given much importance. However, they prevent formation of blisters which can otherwise cause you much pain. They also protect your hands in case you fall. You will find that the back of good gloves allow air to pass while the palms have double layer of leather protection.

While mountain biking you are bound to run into puddles of water and mud. You may have fun going through them. But you need to ensure that you remain dry and the mud does not cling on and spoil the fun.

Do not settle for regular waterproof clothing. Get waterproofs designed specifically for mountain biking. These will not only be light but they will also be made of fabrics which breathe. They will also be designed to give you full freedom of movement.

The best quality mountain clothing will be easily foldable and you can roll the entire gear into a small bag which can easily fit into your backpack. It is good to travel light when you go for mountain biking and this is why the clothes are designed to be lightweight, easily foldable and will not add to your load.

Finally, you should add reflective gear so that you can bike in the evenings without fear and look fully geared for an outing on your mountain bike.


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