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Even after playing the game for many years, one is surprised to find how uncertain the game is. Each game is like a new experience. It is as if one was playing the game the first time, each time one stepped on the course. It does not matter how experienced you are. The game still has many surprises for even old timers.

Because of the uncertain nature of the game, one needs to make best use of the practice time. You need to bring an unconventional approach to your practice game. You need to prepare for the unexpected shots and situations by practicing these very unconventional shots while you practice.

Most people at the practice range spend their time hitting long shots, mostly with the driver. Some spend time practicing their approach shots. However, in the game of golf, you will find that you are presented with several situations when the conventional shot will just not work. You need to do unconventional practice by preparing yourself for the unexpected.

Here is a step by step guide to practicing an unconventional shot: hitting the ball from a trouble spot. How do you keep your head down and eye on the ball in such a situation?


Take your stance in such a way that you stand to the right side of the ball if you are a lefty and left side if you play with your right hand. Now, don’t look at the target but away from it. Relax and loosen up . You may feel awkward but go with the flow.


Now hold the club with your dominant hand. It should point downward and the blade should be near your feet on the ground.


Place the blade of the club behind the ball and turn your head back a little. Then, aim your shot.


Extend the club forward but it up at the same time. Swing it along the target line and make sure to follow through as much as possible.


Don’t turn back to see the shot. Simply follow through and get the ball near the green.

You need to relearn the basics of the game again and again. The game humbles you and teaches you that you cannot take it for granted ever even after years of playing. Respect the game and you just might post a respectable score in your next round.


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