Save Your Business Cash on Cleaning

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When you run a business you are well aware that it helps to save each penny. We may be spending a lot of our profit on cleaning supplies and services and it is possible to save about 50% on such expenses. It is essential to get your premises cleaned and stock the bathrooms with soap and toilet paper but you will find ways which will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year on cleaning supplies and commercial cleaning. 

In case you have employed a cleaning company for a facility which is less than the size of a football field then most probably you are wasting hard earned cash. You are paying large sums of money to a cleaning company to do the simple jobs like emptying trash and vacuuming every night, you are basically paying them to earn a profit for jobs which can be done easily yourself. You can come up with a simple plan for the employees and asking them to do some of the jobs which can really make a big impact on the cleaning budget.  

There is another area where you can save a lot of money and that is the restroom supplies. All facilities have restrooms which are filled with extra products where money can be saved. You can cut down on toilet paper, soap and hand towels. Typically toilet papers are expensive and you can buy commercial toilet paper which is longer and this itself will save you a lot of money in one year. You can buy soap in the cartridge form and have free money dispenser in the restroom. Use hand dryers in place of hand towels.  

Another manner in which you can save cash on cleaning cost is by questioning the cleaning bills. In case you have employed a cleaning company which provides all your cleaning and sanitary supplies you can find out if you are getting the products at the cost price or they are charging more. There are a few cleaning companies which put a markup price on the cleaning products they sell which is sometimes 300%. It is quite normal to ask the cleaning company for a breakup of the charges and compare the price you are paying to the real cost of the items. 

There are many cleaning company owners who drive swanky cars and live in huge homes which have been made by the money earned through commercial cleaning. This shows that they are charging high fees for simple services and items which can be easily bought by the business owner.


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