It’s Time to Bring Down Corrupt Government in Karnataka: Rahul Gandhi

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Yesterday Rahul Gandhi was in Karnatka State for interaction with workers of the Youth Congress. He met the Youth Congress workers at Bijapur in north Karnataka, Udupi in Mangalore and Bangalore. While addressing the Youth Congress workers, he said, Karnataka was once the No. 1 state in the IT sector, unfortunately now it topped the list of corruption and illegal mining.  “Bangalore was synonymous with the Silicon Valley.  This happened during the Congress regime”, he said.  He urged people to work towards unseating the corrupt BJP governmentwhich was neck deep in corruption and its leaders were facing serious charges of indulging in illegal mining.  He added that the corrupt government had marred the reputation of Karnataka.

He reminded the young Congress workers that it was the UPA government that pushed for the RTI Bill.   “With RTI in hand, people are exposing more and more scams. RTI has led to greater transparency in the administration. Now we are working on the next step. It will be the Lokpal Bill or the public funding for political parties,” he said. The General Secretary wondered that politicians who opposed the RTI then are now talking about the Lokpal Bill. “Implementing RTI was one of the greatest achievements of the Congress government in recent times which made a big impact to bring about transparency at all levels. Had RTI not been implemented, many of these scams we talk about would not have even surfaced,” he said.

To a question that there should be more participation of women in the party Rahul Gandhi reminded that Congress party was for it and already having Sonia Gandhi as its President. “I have put an end to the nomination culture, and all pots would be filled through polls”, he said.  He was happy to state that leaders in the Youth Congress were now selected in democratic mannerand let the grass root level workers to elect their leaders.He stated with a smile, “The youth cadre directly electing their own leaders is unique and we should make it a success. Deserving candidate can best be identified this way,” he said.Rahul Gandhi stressedon the need for organizational elections in the party so that deserving candidates come forward to service the public.

He urged the youth Congress workers to take up the fight against rampant corruption and strengthen the party at the grass root level. “I am with you as I have personally decided to fight against corruption,” he told young party men.  Rahul Gandhi also met MPs, legislators and new KPCC members in an interactive mode to know about their views.

Straight forward speech of Rahul Gandhi made immediate impact upon the Youth Congress workers and imbibed them with fresh vigor and zeal to the take the party message to common people at the grass root level.


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