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Getting Rid Of Guilt
Guilt is an Emotional alarm system like pain is a physical one. Neither is absolute in declaring something is wrong but they are like the robot in outer space that says “Warning Will Robinson”. After being alerted, Will needs to determine what is ok and what is not.
Guilt can be influenced by the natural instincts of the individual and someone who does little or nothing wrong may have distress over feeling guilty. It is important that balance and perspective be vigorously embraced to mitigate any self-punishment, whether deserved or not.
While there may be a lot of discussion about tranquilizers, appropriate medical care is best complemented by self-care that includes emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

While I believe very seriously that spiritual healing can help many things, I am also well aware of the value of a good doctor at the right time. Once appropriate medical diligence has been accomplished, balance in all things can be approached on a common sense basis.

Friends, family members, counselors and ministers can help soothe many a troubled mind. It is important to remember that these resources once dismissed, are still available. Integration of events can happen in stages and while a person may be “OK’ after the initial assessment, that does not mean that a little time may not allow the surfacing of issues that can be then frustrating.

For some folks, friendly faces can help ease a transition. For others, new faces may allow some desired privacy that can bring some additional peace. Each person and situation is different and their supporters are most helpful when then listen to the subtle requests.

One technique that I use to help clients is called Integrated Energy Therapy and I enjoy working with it because it helps to alleviate stuffed emotions and cellular memory. The stuffed emotions of guilt may be sensed as energy flow blockages that may go from the top of the head up to the Divine level. This is, of course, a two way energy channel so any blockage may also have some restrictive influence on the ability of the person to feel the normal Divine flow that may be common for them. Energy follows thought so working to clear any restrictions and invite the reconnection with the Divine is very productive.


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