Setting Up Your Default Mail Recipient For Windows

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Mail Client is the computer default e-mail client. It is your installed default e-mail messaging program. Some of these mail clients are, Outlook Express, Microsoft outlook, Windows Mail, windows Live Mail and Thunderbird.

Mail Recipient, is your default program in sending messages. The purpose of mail recipient is when you sending file attachment you can easily right click on the file and select send to mail recipient. It will automatically create a new message with a Subject and attach the files you want to send. If you are sending images as an attachment it has options to resize or reduce the e-mail file size before sending. There are many options in terms of picture size, such as smaller 640×480 dpi, small 800×600 dpi, Medium 1024×768 dpi, Large 1280×1024 dpi, or you can send the original size. You notice also that there is the Estimated file size below. You can see how large is the file and the size when resize it before attaching.

Many users experiencing that their default Mail Client is not their default Mail Recipient.  Even when you set your default mail client for a certain program like Outlook Express or Windows Mail, you cannot sure if it is your default mail recipient.

This setting was controls by your Internet Explorer Program. From there you can set your default Mail Client as your Default Mail Recipient.

  • Open your Internet Explorer. (These steps was based on internet explorer 8, lower version of internet explorer has different settings)

  • Navigate to Tools Menu ( if tools Menu not displays Press Alt Key on your keyboard)

  • Select Internet Options in the Last.

  • Navigate to programs Menu

  • Under Internet Programs Click Set programs Button

  • Select Set Program access and computer defaults Under the Choose Program that windows Uses by default Selection.

  • Collapse the options Under the Custom

  • Under the Choose the Default E-mail Program, select the Application the your Computer uses as an default e-mail Client (for example windows live Mail)

  • Click Ok when Finished.

Restart  your computer to apply settings.

How to send via Mail Recipient? You can simply right click the file and select Send to> Mail Recipient.


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