A Humorous Joke And The Man Without Sense of Humor

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April fool’s day is a treasured calendar day for a few, because there are many lighthearted jokes that can be played. But when you are working for ‘The Man’ humor can be inappropriate. The office has become a suspect place for funny jokes, because what is humorous to one person can be viewed as an attack by some other. Seeking out humor at another person’s cost can trigger many anxious days at work or even many litigation.

A large number of businesses hold informational gathering on not employing office humor, considering that they don’t want any of there workers to be hurt. Still, at time companies can cross the line on what is tolerable and not acceptable. A part of the issue with informing a people that crazy jokes or humor is not acceptable is that if a individual can not take joy in themselves at work the company will become uninviting and the workers unsatisfied.

‘Night Court’ was a sitcom that came about out quite a a few years ago. The judge on the show was always having good fun, but playing practical jokes frequently got him in hassle. However, generally of the time the judge’s antics enabled him to look at a larger scope of the individuals he met and he was able to facilitate them to better their lives. A expression that many companies require to learn is the ‘a little levity never hurt’. By permitting personnel the opportunity to send jokes through message and find joy in selected of the bad things that may show up in the workplace can facilitate to cope with anxiousness and provide a improved friendship between the workforce.

Wherever the line demands to be placed on hilarious jokes and humor is if the joke displays a racial or gender propensity or if the joke is planned to affect another or result in a individual to be designed to look bad (in particular in the eyes of their bosses). Undesirable jokes or humor should never be acceptable in the workplace. Every individual should be accountable for their behaviour and take precautions to know what is right and will be came across as a comical joke. If a joke is unethical the individual should recognise that that type of of wit should be refrained from.

A organization does have the responsibility to maintain its character and should educate its staff on proper humor and what would be regarded as a not so hilarious joke. In spite of this, firms should also look at solutions to permit their workers a fun work place. Part of this may include allowing a employee to use email to send jokes to individuals they do know. One advice for the office may be to have a ‘no joke’ list and if individuals do not want to get jokes through email they can have themselves on the list. 

Antics and jokes should be acceptable in the work place to allow a more happy and more jovial work condition. A funny joke can cheer up a person’s day and a little humor can eliminate stress. If an person is conscientious to not slander a person and the organization recommends their work force to be happy working for ‘The Man’ wouldn’t be so bad.


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