The End of The Universe – The Greatest Mystery Revealed…

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The End of The Universe – The Greatest Mystery Unrevealed…

Theory Behind The Physics



We met Dr. Stephen Hawkings, the greatest scientist of the 21 st century. In the conversation we held he told us about the greatest mysteries of the universe.

According to Dr. Stephen Hawkings :

There are 3 possible endings to the universe:-

–                Either it will go on expanding forever.

–                Or it will one day reverse and start to collapse

–                Or it will oscillate between expansion and contraction forever.

Which of these will actually take place will depend on only one thing-the total gravity of all the matter in the universe.

Critical Density: Even though the universe is expanding, its gravity is constantly trying to pull everything together back again. Whether the gravity of the universe is sufficient to reverse the expansion on the density of the universe how to close together the galaxies are. If the density of the universe is lower than the critical when they are referring to the one that expands forever. In this type of universe there’s not density, gravity is too weak and the universe expands forever.

Open Or Flat Universe: Cosmologists talk about an open universe enough matter to bring the expansion to a halt. A flat universe is always on the verge of stopping. Both sound everlasting, and in some ways this is true but although the universe may last forever, the planets, stars and galaxies will take birth and die. One day the last star will die and there will be no more matter to make others. And the dead stars that remain will simply cull down and fade from the view forever. This is grim, but the ultimate fate is even worse because not only are the stars and galaxies living on the borrowed, so are the subs atomic particles from which they are made. All are inherently unstable in the long term.

But some time in the far distant future if we live in a flat or own universe all the matter will decay into radiation and cease to exist. Space time itself will go on but there will be nothing left in it.

The Big Crunch: Given the recent thinking that the universe expansion is speeding up, it is very possible that we do live in an open universe. The alternative possibility is that universe’s density is greater than the critical density and the universe is closer. Here gravity will win one day and everything then starts to collapse inwards. In this case, two ends are possible. The universe could collapse back to a single point-mimicking the Big Bang in reverse and then cease to exist. This situation is often referred to as The Big Crunch, where the end point of infinite density, called the Omega point is reached. Alternatively the omega point might never be reached. In this model. The contraction one day reverses direction again, and the universe remises its expansion, cycling endlessly between contracting and expanding states.

Which ever of this possible situation is applicable to the real universe, time is definitely on our side. We must not think much about all these and should try to live our life easily. Have your daily coke, find a job (, share your moments on you tube and twitter and drive your favorite Mercedes to your house without looking at the stars. As far as we are armed with our different understanding of the universe, nothing drastic is going to happen to our Cosmos for a very, very, long time indeed.

An Article by: HappyChappy And SumoPunk.

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