Man Vs.. Nature by Happychappy And Sumopunk

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In the field of disaster, both cause serious and heavy damage to life as well as property. We already saw what man did in World War I and II. And nature, we can’t forget the tsunami in 2006, or the frequent earthquakes and Katrina hurricane, or take any flood. These examples clearly resemble that how nature takes its revenge whenever man has tried to hurt it. But the main topic of discussion is that who is the main sufferer between these battles is. Don’t think it is the man itself.

We ourselves being the part of nature have become enough brave and capable of manipulating it. But every time man has tried to overcome the natural phenomenon he has come across his development or you can say business. Man has caused so much damage to the nature this time that nature is going to take unblockable steps now (don’t you know what is going to happen in 2012 , its the End Of The World- 2012 click to know more). Day by day crawling over the human existence nature is overcoming man. But man has understood it is because of himself, so instead of wasting time in blaming himself man is trying to find new ways to save himself from nature as now nature has become overwhelmed and can’t be stopped. Actually this is because for man money has become the apex point of achievement. To achieve this goal man neither leaves the animals nor the nature. Whatever it may be, man has detonated it and man is the one who is going to face it. Man has found new ways to prevent himself from future disasters. As shown in the movie 2012, man had created large ships which were capable of carrying enough human population responsible for human existence in future. Each ship could carry 1,000,000 people at one time. It was also capable to cross oceans and fight with horrifying waves.

This was a global destruction, but what if earth loses its trees and forests. How will man live without any river, forests, in very hot climate. There is a plan man has understood the nature, so he can stay in the extreme climates of the world. As shown in the show Man vs. Wild on discovery channel, the show host Bear Grylls is showing people how to face the extreme conditions in case of an emergency. Do watch it; he is a damn macho man. But the question is that what Bear Grylls can do if a tsunami or a hurricane comes on the beach he is standing. Or if lightning struck the tree he is standing near by. How will he prevent himself then?

Man is continuously damaging nature. Excessive global warming, emissions from industries and vehicles, chemical waste in the water bodies, nuclear damage, and the biggest of all that man is destroying the fauna, forest systems. And what he is using this area for, to construct malls, multiplexes, hotels, and his own mansions. Do we need all these? Or we need a healthy life? The main funda is that human and nature that ever damages or alters anyone, either of them is going to face its serious consequences.

So what are you thinking now, man or nature? I would prefer nature, you know why? Because nature has given man the chance to live and grow. Nature is our basicity; nature is our need that is why in earlier times people used to pray nature as their god.

An Article By: HappyChappy and SumoPunk.

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