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Name       : Mark Elliot Zuckerberg.

Born        : 14 May, 1984 White Plains, New York.

Hometown  : Dobbs Ferry, New York.

Residence  : Palo Alto, California.

Religion     : Jewish.

Graduation  : Harvard College, dropout 2004.

Net worth   : 14 Billion $.

Designation : CEO of Facebook Corp.

Mark’s Personal Life:

Zuckerberg was born in 1984 to Karen and Edward Zuckerberg. He and his three sisters were brought up in Dobbs Ferry, New York. He was a bright student and won many prizes in the field of science, maths, astronomy and classical studies. Since from Ardsley High School to Harvard College he continued gaining praises and victories. He loved epic poems and was used to recite their lines. He also learned to read and write other languages as French, Hebrew, Latin and even ancient Greek.

At a party he met Priscilla Chan and they started dating since 2003. It was 2010 now, Priscilla was a medical student and they both decided to move to Palo Alto house in September. He also learned Chinese to prepare for their visit to China in December 2010. We all know facebook was blocked by China’s internet Firewall but that would never affect relations between Mark Priscilla.

Mark As A Software Developer :

Mark Zuckerberg was interested in computers since the very beginning. His father knew it so he also provided him with support. Edward Zuckerberg (Mark’s Father) taught him Atari basic programming in 1990’s and then he hired a software developer David Newman to tutor him personally. Mark was a good learner as David says, “Mark enjoyed developing programs especially communication programs and tools “. While in high school he developed software called Zucknet which made computers between his house and dental office to communicate by pinging each other which helped his father with his dental practice.

Same time he made many games out of his friends’ drawings and he even made a music player called synapse media player which received a 3 out of 5 rating by Microsoft Corp. AOL tried to purchase it but Mark enrolled it to Harvard in 2002.

Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard :

Since he had reached Harvard he was already recognized as a programmer prodigy. He accelerated and build more and more software. He himself wasn’t aware of where he will be in next few years and neither did we. He didn’t stop; he made a program called Course Match, which helped Harvard student to put information about their subjects in which they faced problems learning them. The software arranged their names into groups and presented them in front of the students which helped them in group studies.

Then he made a program face mash which made students select the best looking person out of a group of pictures. Soon he build a site out of it in which people’s face pictures were arranged in pairs along with their names and other info. And then he also included a vote button to vote which one’s more attractive. And then according to votes software enrolled them in rankings.

It all went long till a Monday morning when the site was blocked cause students started claiming that their pictures were used without permission and even due to the site the university’s server was overloaded. Zuckerberg apologized publicly. News spread all over the college that the site was completely improper. Students started requesting to the university that they must develop a similar social networking site. Mark came to know about this and then came the idea of something similar but bigger and better social networking site. Hence Mark started the journey to the way as a developer of FACEBOOK.


So, in the previous article we discussed about Face mash. Mark had to hack into the Harvard’s server to gain unauthorized access to the private information such as pictures for face mash. He launched the site and it attracted 450 visitors out of 22000 photo views in its first four hours. But it was blocked due to several complaints from other students. Zuckerberg was charged by administration for security breach, violation of copy-rights, violation of individual privacy and faced expulsion. But ultimately Harvard understood his talent and all the allegations were removed afterwards.

Zuckerberg had to move on so he continued with his project. He posted 500 Augustan photos each on different page with a comment section on it. He opened the sites towards his classmates and students started sharing their notes on it. Inspired with the exclamatory results he began writing codes for new websites in 2004 Jan. On 4 Feb, 2004 he launched the facebook. People were jealous of him, after six days Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narendra accused Zuckerberg for misleading to build a social network called Harvard Connection. The case was finally settled.

Edwardo Saverin (businessman), Dustin Moskovitz (programmer), Andrew Mccollum (graphic artist) soon joined Mark Zuckerberg to promote facebook and expand it. Facebook was found in 2004 summer; Sean Parker was made its president.

Its high school version was launched in 2005 Sept. Then slowly facebook allowing its membership to employees of Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. On 26 Sept, 2006 facebook               was open to everyone above 13 years of age with valid email id. Microsoft bought 16 % shares of facebook for $ 240 million. Now Microsoft had the rights to place ads on facebook. In Nov 2010 facebook became the third largest US web company after Google and Amazon.

Mark Zuchkerberg own 24 % shares of company and is its present CEO, then is Microsoft with 13 % shares, Dustin Moskovitz own 6 %, Sean Parker owns 3 % of the company is owned by employees, celebs and other investors.

Today everyone knows what facebook is and what its features are. It is hard to believe but facebook removes 20,000 profiles daily to prevent spam and other threats so beware. Facebook has won many awards for different purposes. And facebook owns the status of rank 2 after Google, leaving behind YouTube.

So hope you enjoyed the artilcle. Mark Zuckerberg has become our role model. We are impressed with him and his work. And why not, he is the Times Person of 2010.

An Article By : HappyChappy And SumoPunk.

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