10 Richest Women in America For 2011

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Believe it or not 2011 has been a great year financially for some American women. Do you wonder who the richest women in America are? This is the top ten listing of those women.

There was a time in American history that seems not that long ago, where women couldn’t own property. However, times have changed. Women have been elevated to a status where their names can make this list.

There is no age limitation or color barrier. Some are mothers where others aren’t. Most of the richest women in the world are divorced. Does that say anything about being married with money or wealthy women like to keep their options open? Surprisingly, three of the ten are related to each other.

These are the top ten richest women in America today

  1. Christy Walton

This 54 year old woman is worth $ 20 billion dollars. Her income source is the Wal-Mart stores. Worldwide there are over 6000 stores within 14 different countries.

  1. Alice Walton

You guessed it; she is related to number 1, they are sisters. She is the 59 year old owner of Wal-Mart stores. With 1.0 million employees the divorcee is worth $17.6 billion.

  1. Abigail Johnson

Her family has their wealth made from Fidelity Investments. The 47 year old married mother of 2 has a net worth of $10 billion.

  1. Anne Cox Chambers

The divorced mother of 3 children is worth $9 billion. Her wealth is from Cox Business Enterprises. The company is owner of multimedia investments such as 17 newspapers, 80 radio stations as well as 15 television stations.

  1. Jacqueline Mars

Fortune for this 69 year old divorced mother of 3 is the owner of the world’s largest pet food vender (which includes Pedigree and Whiskas) as well as candy. She owns the Mars candy company that includes Snickers and M &Ms. her net worth is $9 billion.

  1. Pauline MacMillan Keinath

Pauline’s wealth is estimated at $3.6 billion. The source of her wealth is Cargill Inc. The company has 900 subsidiaries in 66 different countries. She is married with 4 children.

  1. Marion MacMillan Pictet

She is the owner of Cargill Inc. She is related to number 6. Although the 76 year old mother of 1 lives in Bermuda, she is an American citizen. Her net worth is $3.6 billion.

  1. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is a 55 year old single woman worth $2.7 billion. The owner of the Oprah Winfrey show that is aired in 135 countries with 46 million viewers.

  1. Barbara Piasecka Johnson

Barbara is worth $2.6 billion. She is married to John Seward of Johnson & Johnson since 1983. The heir to Johnson & Johnson inherited 36 million shares of this household name company.

  1. Ann Walton Kroenke

Ann is 60 years old and the married mother of 2 children. She is the niece of former Wal-Mart owner Sam Walton. She is related to number 1 and 2 on the list and her net worth is $2.6 billion dollars.


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