Taste Immediately The Delicous Flavor Of Luwak Coffee

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Coffee beverages already become a habit carried by humans throughout the world, whether it is in continental Europe, Asia, Africa and America. When we are in cold temperate areas, it will feel good at all if we drink a cup of hot coffee. The atmosphere of calm, cool, and the scenery is so beautiful, will increasingly feel comfortable if we just drink coffee mongoose.

Will be told here, how to produce Luwak coffee? Coffee Luwak, known in the world today is a genuine Luwak coffee comes from Indonesia.

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelagic country. The country is located in the tropical country, with vast forests as one of the world’s lung, in addition to the Brazilian state. Indonesia has a diversity of flora and fauna are very large in which various kinds of trees and animals live in this country. One of the wild animals that now many people hunted the mongoose. This mongoose yore considered harmful animals humans because these animals who like to prey on carnivores type pets such as chickens and ducks. However, at this time mongoose hunted to be maintained. Because of this mongoose feces taste good coffee is produced.

The process of making coffee is as follows, if naturally where mongoose many lives around the coffee plantation on the island of Java and Sumatra. mongoose except eat meat, was also happy to eat the coffee fruit. mongoose feces and throw it out as well along with coffee beans that are still intact. mongoose remove feces containing the coffee beans are then processed into coffee that tastes delicious. Luwak coffee prices, ranging between 200-300 dollars per kilogram. According to Indonesia, the price of luwak coffee is very expensive , because a common coffee is just sold for 3 Dollars per kilogram. And luwak coffee is well known by European, American, Arabian and the rest of the world.

Civet coffee is, it is said to contain certain and safe for people with diabetes. Luwak coffee flavor is very intense and makes it delicious.

Therefore, let us preserve the flora and fauna so that we can maintain the balance of nature and obtain useful benefits to our lives.

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