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Do you believe that along with terrific writing skills you may also have an extraordinary palette? If so, consider freelance food writing.

Freelance food writing is a viable career to reflect on. You can enjoy your research one delectable plate after another and write about it. With food writing, you will never run short of meals to research and you will often receive free meals.

In order to become successful at food writing, you will definitely need to have a talent for describing food. The key to successful comparison in written literature is to be able to make key comparisons that are concrete as well as focused.

The essential law of food writing is to make your audience or reader feel they had some of what you are describing. Make them feel regret for not having a meal at the restaurant you discuss in your paragraphs. Make their stomachs growl, mouths water and taste buds tingle. If you do, you have accomplished your goal.

There is something strange about the human body. When we think of something our body will typically respond if we are engaged. For example, if you think of kicking a soccer ball and you are engaged enough in the source, the nerves in your foot will tingle. It’s almost as if we are engaged in that activity as we read about it. The same can be said of freelance food writing. If we engage the reader enough, they will have taste buds that tingle.

If you are using words like tasty or delicious, it simply won’t cut it. Not to say you cannot use these adjectives, but you need to have more to be successful at freelance food writing. You need to be able to create images and strong emotional associations to grab the audience and bring them into the bowl or plate of what you are serving.

If you are freelance food writing, find a market for your services. Stay on top of restaurant openings and closings in your locale. In a large city there are hundreds of sources for your talents, especially in local newspapers and blogs. However, if you don’t have the fortune of living in a larger city you can still submit your articles to your local paper. Every community has a local paper. If your local paper doesn’t have a food section, solicit them to start one. Everyone wants to know about great places and things to eat.

The other options open to this type of content are magazines. This will bring us to an intersection of magazine writing along with freelance food writing. However, there are many magazines that are dedicated only to writing for food and dining. There are some magazines dedicated to nightlife, general lifestyles and tourism that need freelance food writing articles in addition to their other main content articles.

You can also write copy for cookbooks, food ads and press releases related to the food industry. Local supermarkets even need great copy written for their flyers and leaflets. The freelance food writing industry has a lot of opportunities for writers interested in earning revenue from the food industry.

This business certainly has plenty of job security. People will never stop eating or grow tired of reading about food.


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