Wwe Smackdown 22/04/2011 Review

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The show stars with Cole coming down to his Cole Mine decorated with royalty.

Then out comes Cody with three men, one with a trolly of paper bags with different faces on. He says that he wears a mask for protection while Rey wears a mask because he is hiding his fears, loathing thoughts of the fans, Rey is ashamed of himself and so are all of us who envy Cody and how our lives are miserable. Cody then gives people in the front rows to cover our bad faces and has a special one for Rey.
Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes
We have them both counting each other and going for quick pins. I look at Cody punishing Rey and miss the Cody in Legacy. Later in the match Cody sets Rey up for the Cross Rhodes but Rey escapes and caught Cody in a hurricarana and cradles him for the win.
After the match, Cody sends Rey to the outside stomach first before sending him over into the crowd. The two brawl in the crowd until Rey sends Cody over the barricade and tries to hit him against the steel steps, but Cody reverses and hits Rey into the steel steps. Soon after they are back in the crowd and after another brawl, they come back to ringside, where Cody hits the Cross Rhodes and puts the bag over Reys head.

Backstage, Gabriel tells Wade it was nothing personal when he eliminated him in the battle royal, Wade replies saying maybe it was personal as he would not have done it to him…I think you would have Wade. What would have happened if you saw the perfect opportunity to eliminate him or if you were the last two? Slater comes to say how they need to remember how the Corre has no leader and how everyone is equal. Zeke comes and reminds them that Wade is defending his IC Championship and the tag titles are on the line and as the leader, he is there for them…Is it just me or would Zeke make a good leader? After saying it was a joke, Wade says maybe it is them who should mess with Zeke…There was defiantly tension there, even if they made it look like a joke.

Next is the couples therapy. McCool states Layla lost another match, Layla states at least she competed and McCool on commentary and McCool states how Layla would not have been successful without her! After both saying how LayCool should split and McCool saying she does not think Layla is flawless, Laya begins to cry and walkout. After apologising, thanking the therapist, McCool attacks Layla…Now are they breaking up? I hope so!

After a dragged out speech, Cole eventually introduces Swagger.
Jack Swagger vs. Trent Barreta
This was a horrible squash match as Swagger in less than two minutes with the ankle lock.

WWE Tag Team Championship
Justin Gabriel and Health Slater vs. The Big Show and Kane
From early points in this match I was pumped as it was good to see Kane kicking ass the way he should. There was a point in this match were Kane was about to give Gabriel a side walk slam, but he reverses it into a great DDT! After throwing Gabriel to the outside and Kane clotheslining Zeke off the apron, Big Show chokeslams Slater for the win…I am glad the team I wanted to see back together are the champions again, but it is a shame the tag team championships at the moment do not mean much.
After the match, backstage, Slater and Gabriel blame Jackson for their loss. Jackson says Slater should look in the mirror as he was the one who got pinned. Slater then shoves Gabriel to the ground as he did not like the way Gabriel was looking at him.

Drew McIntyre vs. Chris Masters
This was a short match. Drew counters the Master Lock by pushing off the ropes, and then hitting the Future Shock for the win.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston
Sometime in this match we had Zeke accidentally hit Barrett. After Wade sent him backstage, this allowed Kofi to gain control. After Kofi made it to the ropes during a WasteLand, Kofi gets to the top rope, before trying to roll Barrett up but instead to get pinned himself while Barrett used the ropes for more support…Nice win for Wade, being able to win a match without interruption helping him out.

Now it is time for Edge’s retirement party. Is it just me or are WWE using Edge longer than they should? What makes it worse is that after Alberto revealed a grandfather clock, adult diapers, a fat woman pretending to be Lita, and Rodriguez on a scooter with an oxygen tank…haha, good promo from Alberto. After calling himself the new World Heavyweight Champion…Edge appears on the ramp and calls Alberto a lousy party host. Edge calls the fat woman a flaming bag of poop. After the insults, Alberto sends Brodus to attack Edge but instead when he makes it to the ramp, Christian appears and takes him out with a ladder and then taking out Alberto with Edge standing on the top of the ramp smiling. The final part of this segment answers it all…Christian sets the ladder up in the ring and unhooks the World Heavyweight Championship, which is hanging above the ring…I would like to see Alberto win as he did not get his deserved win at WrestleMania, but I think Christian is going to win and then we are going to have another Edge and Christian celebration.

One more thing WWE…Do not keep throwing unneeded Raw footage into our faces…Thank you!

What did you think of Smackdown this week?


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