Xbox or The Playstation

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Companies like Microsoft and Sony that are extensively involved in making gaming consoles like the Xbox and Sony PlayStation, find themselves competing to be leaders in the market.  Although both gaming consoles offer similar features, graphics, games and accessories, gamers still have their personal favourites. For which ever company succeeds in becoming the ‘favourite’, it translates into more sales.  It is imperative then, that companies must pay heed to technological advancements that will enable them to achieve the ‘favourite’ position.

The year that past has been a mixed bag for the Xbox. With the release of the latest version of the gaming console, the Xbox 360, the competition has gotten more intense. The Xbox 360, considered to be next generation gaming console, was released very strategically around Christmas time.  The timely launch of the gaming console resulted in a shortage of devices, owing to the festive season. This shortage actually worked wonders for Microsoft. The company was flooded with orders, with customers being told that the wait could last for six months. When the second lot finally hit the market, the prices of the Xbox 360 increased by three folds.

The only downside to these unprecedented, massive orders was that it caused the company to act in hurry. The new Xbox 360 is designed much like a computer, with a processor and a hard drive. The rush caused the company to release the gaming console before de-bugging the system. This small mistake caused games to lock up when its users were in the midst of a game.  Although the company made efforts to resolve the problem by releasing a patch, the damage has already been done.

The same is true even on the case of Sony’s PlayStation. On the one hand the PlayStation2 was an extremely advanced gaming console with a variety of games to choose from. However, Sony felt the need to release a more advance and high tech version to its gamers. Enter PlayStation 3. The company announced the release of the new version of its PlayStation without confirming specific release dates. The news caused excitement and anticipation amongst many gamers. As time elapsed, Sony still had not confirmed the dates. Finally festive season saw the release of the Xbox 360 with no action from Sony. This lack of action by Sony caused the company several millions at that time. 


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