Xbox 360 Elite Review

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The Xbox 360 a name that has become common place in the world of gaming consoles.  A recent addition to the league of gaming consoles is the Xbox 360 Elite. This version of the Xbox 360 is the third and the most expensive member of the Xbox family. The other two, existing members of this family are the Xbox 360 Premium and the Xbox 360 Core.

The Xbox 360 Elite brings with it more than just superficial improvements. In fact, the Xbox 360 Elite is the powerhouse of gaming consoles. Equipped with surround sound, HD interface, triple core processor, DVD support and a superior black finish, the Xbox 360 Elite is a gaming console like you have never seen before.  Xbox 360 Elite takes the entertainment quotient of the Xbox 360 to the next level.  This version of the gaming console features the Zephyr motherboard and hence, contains an enhanced GPU sink and a HDMI port. The Xbox 360 Elite is priced at $480 and is available in the colour black. The storage capacity on the Xbox 360 Elite is almost six times more than the previous version. The Xbox 360 Elite also comes with a headset and a wireless controller (both in black). 

Although the Xbox 360 Elite is fundamentally a gaming device, the Xbox 360 Elite is designed to bring you the best of the digital world as well. Further, gamers have reported that setting up the Xbox 360 Elite is very simple and straightforward. All you would need to do is select your language preference and set-up your Xbox Live account or in -case you have an existing account, then just re-link it to your new device. Finally, select the HD settings for your gaming console.

A majority of gamers and industry experts are of the opinion that the Xbox 360 Elite is particularly suited for those people who don’t already own an Xbox 360. For only an additional $80, the Xbox 360 Elite is certainly a better choice than the older version. Apart from that, the Xbox 360 Elite is much more affordable than Sony’s gaming console. 

Finally, what seems to be current opinion about the Xbox 360 Elite is that although it is not an absolute requirement for existing Xbox 360 owners, the Xbox 360 Elite brings together brilliant gaming experience and top quality  multimedia entertainment, hence making it an extremely appealing and popular choice. 


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