The Xbox 360 Myths

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Have you ever tried a good bargain or a wholesale price offer for the Xbox 360? If you have tried many times then, you are not alone.  Much like in the case of bankers and business men, gamers all over the world are becoming thrifty. They are all looking to make the best use of their money. Gamers are now relentlessly searching to get more in return for the money that they spend.

The reason it is difficult to find an Xbox 360 at bargain prices is actually complicated. For everyone that is hooked on to the ‘wholesale phenomenon’ and want own the Xbox 360 as a source of entertainment are most likely to be active on the Internet, within the comfort of their homes. On the other hand, for those who are involved in selling either gaming console or related items requires distributors that are both profitable and reliable from the point of view of their own retail stores.

Given the complicated nature of this set-up, what are gamers like you and I supposed to do? Things are looking up with the gaming industry now selling these, directly. This is not only the case with the Xbox 360 but even its competitors like the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3. The implication of such a change implies that these companies are going all out in their quest to conquer the maximum market share.

What is the truth about the Xbox 360 at wholesale? After the Xbox 360 version of the gaming console was launched, several wholesalers, who appeared to be the middlemen agencies, had completely saturated the market. In other words, with the objective of earning a fair amount of commission, these middlemen would nearly clean sweep the available inventory. Hence, to gamers like you and I obtaining an Xbox 360 at wholesale was almost impossible.

The reality of the situation is that when you buy from a distributor, you are actually buying from a middleman. This is because these distributors buy directly from the manufacturer before selling it to you. These channels of distribution are particularly annoying when you are a business owner of a small enterprise or are a gaming enthusiast who is saving up to buy your own gaming console. 

In conclusion, in the current set-up the smartest thing to do is to ensure that you make purchases from a reliable source that offers a considerable amount of reduction, if any. 


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