Xbox 360 Has Changed Gaming Consoles

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Not too long ago, the Sega system or the Nitnendo 8 bit video game was considered as the top of the line gaming console, and the older Atari consoles were left behind in the competition. Over time several gaming consoles such as the Sega Genesis, Turbo Graphix 16 etc rose to fame and then diminished. At that time the performance and graphics on those gaming consoles were considered to be amazing and as time has passed to around 5-10 years back, with the release of Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s Playstation and Nintendo’s Game Cube things have only become more impressive. In the last 20 years the video game industry has definitely advanced at a very rapid pace. At the start there were games such as Calga, Tron etc which were slow, had blurry graphics, but now you have games which provide you with breathtaking performance and mind blowing graphics such as Splinter Cell, Tekken. With the coming of the Xbox 360, things have only gotten better.

Similar to other gaming consoles available today, the Xbox 360 basically has the hardware, configuration and software of a personal computer with the main purpose of playing video games. For example the originally launched Xbox by Microsoft was basically a variation of a Pentium 3 processor with more powerful graphics and modified Windows 2000, packaged into a black box to distinguish it.

In 2006 Microsoft released the Xbox 360 in two different versions.  The first one, Xbox 360 came with Ethernet connectivity, media remote, 20 GB hard drive along with wireless controls and high definition AV cables. The other version, the Xbox 360 Core was basically a plug and play kind of system.

If previously the original Xbox was considered as a technological powerful, the Xbox360 definitely left it high and dry. In fact the Xbox 360 made the original Xbox highly outdated.  Apart from a much more appealing and modern look, the Xbox 360 was better than the original Xbox in all respects such as hardware, software, online capabilities. Video games weren’t the only thing the Xbox 360 did, in fact it was possible to play music, burn music from CD’s, watch movies, see photos, share photos, get in touch with other Xbox 360 owners etc, basically a completely mind blowing media experience was provided to the user.

Hence in 2006, the Xbox 360 definitely transformed the video gaming Industry with its technological advancements and brought in a newer standard for consoles to come in the future. 


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