Are You Upgrading Your Xbox 360

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The Xbox 360 is soon becoming them the most favourite choice for gifts this season. That said, gamers and owners of the earlier versions of the Xbox are left in dilemma. They are left wondering if upgrading to the current version the gaming console. If you find yourself in a similar situation then read on, here are a few aspects that are worth considering.

The Xbox 360 is priced at $300, the most essential accessories for the gaming console are – headsets, priced at $20; wireless controllers, priced at $50 and the 20GB hard drive that costs $100. There are some gaming console vendors that are offering various packages priced at $500 upwards, that you can choose from. The choice of accessories that you would require are based on your personal preferences and gaming styles.  That said, the 20GB hard drive is an accessory that we strongly recommend to all gamers. This ‘add-on’ has two key features – one, it lets you save a game that you are currently playing and resume it at a later point and second, it enable continuous updates on your Xbox 360 hence, making older games  compatible on your new gaming console.

One of the key advantages that the Xbox 360 has over other gaming consoles is its graphic quality. No doubt that the graphic quality on the other gaming consoles is brilliant, however given that games like Call of Duty 2 and NFL 06 were primarily designed for this particular device, the graphic quality is unparalleled. The Xbox 360 specifications range from being twice as better and most of the times, being tenfold better than in competitors. Another appealing feature of the Xbox 360 is that you will notice the sheer brilliance of its graphics when plugged into a HDTV.

The Xbox 360 is a sincere effort on Microsoft’s part to include the gaming console as an integral part of the media centre. The Xbox supports any computer that is on the windows network. The gaming console can be used to view photos, watch movies and play music.

The last thing that you may want to consider is the Xbox Live- an online membership that allows online gaming, free trials of game demos and a world of surprises – all for a reasonable fee.

Finally, serious gamers will choose to update and be involved in the latest version all gaming consoles. For the rest, the Xbox 360 is well worth a try. 


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