Magical Xbox 360

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Despite the fact that Microsoft managed to sell several millions Xbox units around the world, its competition – the Sony PlayStation outsold it. Today, with the entry of the Xbox 360 in the marketplace the dynamics of the industry has changed, like never before.

Wondering what the difference is between the Xbox and the newer version, Xbox 360? Like most gaming consoles, the main purpose of Xbox 360 is to support video games. However, the main difference is that it is not the only focus of the gaming console.

The Xbox 360 is designed to be not only a gaming console but more importantly, it is designed to be an integrated entertainment system. In other words, this gaming console brings together a range of possibilities from online gaming, connecting on the Internet to downloading and streaming media. The Xbox 360 also allows you to watch your favourite movies, videos, photos and play your favourite games on HD.

Given the fact that we are all aware that most gaming consoles are similar to computers in design and functionality, let’s take a closer look at the core component – its CPU. Similar to the computer, all gaming consoles have a central processing unit that performs the function of processing all the data that is fed into the device. The CPU of a gaming console or computer is much like the engine of a car – extremely critical to its smooth functioning. The Xbox 360 has innovatively modified this ‘engine’ of the gaming console to ensure that its performance exceeds the expectations of gamers.

In the past, CPUs did not have the ability to process more than a single thread of information. However, the Xbox 360 is packed with the powerful processor that allows the gaming console to process not one, but two thread at the same time. This multi-tasking ability of the processor means that the gaming console will function more efficiently.

Moreover, Microsoft has also introduced the multi-core system, a technology that enables the device to integrate multiple processors into a single unit chip. This technology is innovative technology increase the speeds at which multiple tasks are performed hence, giving the gamers the opportunity to make the most of their Xbox 360.

It is innovations and brilliance like these that make the Xbox 360 so powerful. The coming together of such new age technology into one, single gaming console is what creates the magic that is Xbox 360. 


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